Horst Buchholz ...mein Vater

Documentary, 90 min, 35mm, Germany 2005

Horst Buchholz – Actor and Legendary Berlin Native.

This unconventional film portrait by Christopher Buchholz and Sandra Hacker takes us inside the life of a family that revolved for many years around the endearing but difficult international screen star.

Horst Buchholz was a native Berliner who grew up in modest circumstances and rose to become an international star.
Four years ago, son Christopher began to film conversations with his father, feeling his way slowly towards a dialogue: Buchholz père was a man full of contradictions but, above all, a man who didn’t like to talk about himself.
The result was a game of cat-and-mouse between a father slowly giving up on life and a son who refuses to accept that. Horst Buchholz died suddenly in March 2003. Christopher Buchholz continued to follow the traces of his father, turning to his mother, Myriam Buchholz Bru, and his sister Béatrice to unravel more of the story.

What emerges is at once a sincere documentary and a tragicomic film portrait providing unusual insight into the life of a world-class star and his family.

Horst Buchholz